Friday, January 2, 2009

Viewsat Receivers Going Strong on 110 and 119

Another strong week for Viewsat Receivers! Viewsat's are still up and running on 110 an 119, contrarily to everyone's belief that it was going to go down for either Christmas, or New Years Eve!
Fortunately, we are still up and running, enjoying absolutely Free TV. Rumors were saying the dish will go down on either Christmas day, or on New Years Eve, both have passed, and Viewsat is still going strong! Hopefully, we'll be able to pass the rest of the break still being up and running, it's a terrible thing to be on break and not have any TV! There has been some great Pay Per View releases as well including Batman: The Dark Knight and Hancock, which were suppose to be reason enough for the Dish to go down.

The truth is, the Viewsat Receivers are still up and running, but there has been excessive amounts of Freezing, Autoroll Processing and other annoying problems. I sort of which the Viewsat Keys would go down, so they can come out with a new Viewsat Fix and have it rolling properly, I am tired of it freezing and getting no signal in the middle of a movie, or tv show!

I've been using the Viewsat Ultra lately, and I find it's a great FTA receiver, I love the idea of the USB, it's a miracle for me not having to unplug my FTA Receiver and bring it to the computer everytime there's new Viewsat Keys out there, definitely a great buy for anyone who enjoys Free to Air Receivers and Viewsat!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

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